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feastRVA: democratic and delicious

December 10th, 2013 | by Leslie Saunderlin

While trolling local networking sites and upcoming holiday gigs, I came across a site called feastRVA.

Unfortunately I had just missed their last community happy hour held December 6th at Lamplighters Roasting Lab, offering the chance to meet local thinkers, doers and creators in the RVA community. Although this was my first knowledge of the non-profit, their inception sprouted back in 2011 with the the simple initiative of starting a platform
for creatives to find funding for their community driven projects.
A local Kickstarter of sorts, the idea originated out of Brooklyn where a collective of friends wanted a more localized and sustainable model for art funding that wasn’t based on the exclusive support of private capital. Brooklyn’s inspiration came from a Sunday soup program in Chicago, showcasing the limitless links of inspiration and giving across state lines.

How it Works:
Attend and donate $25 towards a delicious dinner and drinks held at a local venue. Listen to brief presentations by local creatives while engaging and chatting with other attendees. By evenings end, vote for your favorite idea, sending home a talented artist with enough lute to start building their dream.

Who Can Do it?
Anyone, assuming your idea is well thought out, original, local and feasible.
Check out their past winners & their ideas at
You will also need to be able to present your idea if chosen, so start practicing your pitch now on friends and family.

Unlike larger crowd funding platforms out there (Indiegogo, RocketHub, Somolend, AngelList) I was thrilled to see this type of platform on a local level, cultivating and placing resources & talent right back into our community. You aren’t just clicking a donate button on a glossy computer screen, but rather sharing, engaging face-to-face and supporting local artists within a charged creative atmosphere.

Submissions are now open for FEAST 2014,
Even if you won’t be presenting, donate and spread the word about this incredible event happening right here in RVA.
Stay hungry, Cheers!