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Happy New Year: Getting Lucky

January 3rd, 2014 | by Leslie Saunderlin

Happy New Year to you and yours. Hopefully your New Year celebrations were filled with bubbly libations and lots of fluttering gold confetti. For Steve and I it involved the removal of the red plague cross from our door, granting a peek into 2014 from fresh lenses; hopeful with health, happiness and exciting beginnings. According to numerology, 2014 is a “Lucky 7” year ( 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 adds up to 7), Meaning it will be a year of deeper focus, introspection and realizations. Seven is the “most sacred and spiritual number,” calling us to go within instead of looking for things in the outside world to make us happy.

This may partly explain the spontaneous reconstruction this past weekend of our guest room into my new home office. I suddenly found myself in Lowes (seven times) for paint, crown molding, spray paint and an assortment of cleaning supplies. After painting, spraying, scrapping, and gluing… a transformation has occurred and today marked my first day working in the new space. I only have three pieces of furniture, but I have a new view, literally and figuratively. My last office space (now the guest room/meditation zone/craft corner) started to became the catch all for crap in the house and I quickly found the clutter going to my brain. I started to shrink.
This new to me space has given my business validation and breath in the new year. I have claimed this corner of my house (former Lola dog bed) for professional growth. In the past I would of been anxious to quickly fill and render the room similar to a CB2 catalog. This time I am going to function in it, see what is needed…refurbish and create my own authentic surroundings (see glitter table top pic below). I am going to enjoy the process, realizing it will be a winding road of weekend projects.

A giant shout out and thank you go to my friend and neighbor Danene; aka weekend warrior, DIY queen, alley scavenger and yard sale diva. She recognized that the last few months of 2013 kicked my butt and she pushed me to make a fresh new start. She got me out of my head (an epic task for a Virgo), and prodded me to “Just start, make progress!” She also gave up her Friday night to help  me paint, a bottle of red wine in hand…now that is love.

So with a year of personal introspection upon us, how are you going to focus and go within?

Stay tuned for new pics and updates of my new dollilop designs space, Happy New Year!


































































































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