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Getting on the Good Get

November 25th, 2013 | by Leslie Saunderlin

For a week I have been endlessly researching the “proper” way to make a blogging debut. Eventually I end up shutting my laptop, soggy with information, and realize that I just need to start writing. With time my mission will become clear, my titles will be super optimized and my content will hopefully leave readers wanting more. For now, my reasons for starting a blog are simple enough. I seek to engage others professionally and personally. I find the thought of inspiring others, and being inspired, quite meaningful and fulfilling. My hope is to share personal perspective injections relating to my design business and my wander lust— while also leaving a bit of breathing room for fortuitous tidbits.

My second motivation is to improve my writing, a passion that began early on in short stories. It was later sustained by countless adolescent journal entries, poems and sketch book doodles. Unfortunately as is with most things left unpracticed, a thick dust settled atop my sentence structure, grammar and vocabulary.

So now it is time to “get on the good get” as my college roommate Liz used to say. Stop stalling and put fingertips to keys.
So here we go, hope to see you along the way.