Sushi: Breaking the Monday Monotony

Sushi–The sweet sticky rice, the iridescent seaweed paper, the salty dribbles of soy on your fingertips.
A nugget of perfection, topped with soapy slices of raw ginger and a pea sized smear of wasabe.
Worst first date food ever, best delicious and healthy treat anytime of day.

I was introduced to sushi by my parents in an authentic Asian restaurant in Arlington, VA.
I was thirteen and I remember being horrified. Most troubling was the neon orange fish eggs glopped atop each roll, like confetti that had lost its way. The only thing I ate raw those days was Pillsbury cookie dough from the tube, and I liked it that way. With twenty minutes of well intended harassment by my step-dad and the bribe of a new pair of guess jeans, I tried a California roll. Surprisingly, I didn’t hate it. Fast forward fifteen years and “Houston, we have a problem.” I’m talking about a I could buy a sedan with what I am spending per month on sushi sized habit. The artistically designed Chirashi plate, the sweet drizzled eel dragon rolls, the melt in your mouth tuna. It seems so foolish now with a bit of seasoned perspective. I wish I had that sushi sedan reflected in my IRA, but I was young and didn’t think past the approaching weekend activities. I wasn’t working for the weekend, I was working for sushi.

We still partake in sushi now and again, mostly when we visit Steve’s folks in MD or they visit us in town. It is our family tradition, one that I hope we always have and one that we always look forward to. A few weeks back Steve and I made a run to Tan-A Market to satiate an at home sushi craving. It was a Monday night, there was no reason except the desire to eat chewy, salty fresh tid–bits while having fun and spending time together. It was messy and tasty, but a great way to spend a typically uneventful night of the week.

IMG_1892 copy

The vegetarian fixins

IMG_1898 copy

Steam. Chop. Roll.

IMG_1900 copy

Get in my face goodness. It wasn’t pretty, but it was tasty.

When we do splurge for sushi, our favorite spot is Hana Sushi in Shockoe Bottom. The owner and chef Michael is top notch, a true artist. We get a free appetizer and dessert every time we visit and over the years he has let us sample new menu items and bizarre shots (do not recommend the one with a quail egg in it). We are very loyal to his business, kindness..and his sushi.

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